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The Sacred Agreement

This is part of a series of meditation journey teachings from my native spirit guide, Teacher that I intend to share…

I could never have imagined that my one of my first posts would be about such a contentious issue that everyone seems to have a strong opinion about: hunting. However I feel strongly guided to share this and so I am….. Today is the first day of the hunting season for moose, next week it is deer.

My husband and I were driving up north on Saturday to look at waterfront lake properties on which to build our dream cottage and when stopping off the highway for a coffee on route, I couldn’t help but notice the groups of men, giddy as schoolgirls before the big prom, outfitted in camouflage gear. My heart sank. Oh no, I thought, its hunting season.

Later that day we looked at a former farm property of over 275 acres of forest, lake and field. I stepped on a rifle shell casing and gingerly picked it up. I noticed a yellow nylon rope hanging from a tree. The real estate agent explained that it was for hanging carcasses to bleed out. A couple in camouflage gear came by in an ATV, mentioning that they were scoping out the land for the big hunt on Monday. In my heart, I knew that I could never live here. As the new owner, I could never prevent the locals from hunting the land that they had hunted for generations. The agent suggested hiring a hunter to scare off the other hunters. Noooo, couldn’t see myself there. Just thinking about it made me nauseous.

During my meditation this morning, a native spirit guide who has been mentoring me (who I refer to as Teacher) stepped forth. He took me to a cliff overlooking a huge red rock canyon where we both laid on our bellies. It was a beautiful and peaceful scene, clear blue sky, river meandering through the rocks and a few trees swaying back and forth in the gentle breeze. Two graceful white snow geese were flying by over the canyon. Teacher took out a rifle and blasted one out of the sky. I was horrified and couldn’t believe that this loving spiritual being did such a cruel thing. Then he shot the other one as well.

I saw the geese heavily fall to the rocks below, white feathers spread in a heap and red blood oozing into the earth. But then Teacher explained to me that this is their eternal gift to us. All the animals come to the earth to share their medicines and gifts with us. Every part of them is a sacred and can be used to enhance our lives: the feathers for pillows and mattresses, the meat for protein, the bones and cartilage to enhance our immune system. This is the part of The Sacred Agreement. All of the animal world knows that it is part of the chain of this agreement to offer life enhancing bounties to us, and ultimately will give their lives in some way to support this contract.

Teacher’s lesson continued…We have a Sacred Agreement with all creation that was forged when we came to inhabit the planet. We cannot survive without it. We are to be gifted with the animal kingdom’s offerings and in return we promised as part of The Sacred Agreement to safeguard Mother Earth and protect a world where the animals can enjoy their lives and create gifts of the highest caliber. We must honour Mother Earth – she will provide pure water to drink, pure plants to eat, pure air to breath, pure sunlight to grow. We are meant to enjoy the abundance of the gifts offered to us in order to prosper and enjoy our lives fully; however we can not do this is we do not respect our responsibility to uphold our end of The Sacred Agreement.

Everywhere we seem to turn, The Sacred Agreement has been broken by mankind. Many of us don’t even realize what pure food is – much of our food supply is packaged in toxic plastics and adulterated with chemical additives so that we no longer reap the rewards of our original food sources. The soil has been stripped of nutrients and the domesticated animal feed is not natural any longer. Mankind has broken his side of The Sacred Agreement and our payoff is disease on many levels.

Hunting feels wrong to many of us now because it seems one-sided. Many of today’s hunters do not honour the gifts of the hunted – it is now for a thrill, not for the medicines. For domination, not a sacred partnership. For a trophy, not life sustaining endowments. Mankind is failing to keep our side of The Sacred Agreement. The reaping of the gifts and medicines offered to us by the animals is a privilege and an honour. Hunting is not wrong; its the lack of acknowledgement and failure to honour and respect The Sacred Agreement that is.

What is your feeling about this?


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