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Online Meditation and Drum Healing

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I’m excited to reach you as Spirit has moved me to offer free online meditations and drum healing. The world is experiencing a massive shift on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Another words, a Great Awakening is taking place. As many truths begin to emerge, we find ourselves reacting in different ways. Do we find ourselves hunkering down out of fear and looking into the past for solace, not wanting to face the future? Are we digging deep for answers and feeling waves of anger and resentment at what has been an illusion in our everyday lives? Or are we excited about what is to come, fully in trust, knowing that the changes we face will lead to a better and equitable life for all? Ascension is real, for ourselves, community and the planet. And we have entered the beginning phases. Behind the uncertainty and chaos, a new era of love and compassion is being birthed. Hang on, as the best is yet to come.

In order to help us facilitate transition during these challenging times, I am offering a free online Meditations and Drum Healing every Thursday at 7 pm on FaceBook Live.

These meditations are designed to help you remember WHO YOU ARE. They will enable you to navigate today’s challenges by clearing your energy field, activating your light body and connecting you with your divine guidance. We will also merge as a group to help shift the mass consciousness of the planet; working on a beautiful future vision of a world filled with love, peace and compassion as we move toward Ascension.

In order to participate, please go to White Light Healer on FaceBook, and request to join this private group. Please do this well ahead of the meditation as you may not be accepted a few minutes before. You are welcome to replay the previous meditations as well.




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