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Awaken to Who You Are

Image by Fuu J

What does this mean?

What exactly does this mean? Awaken, what?! Aren’t I awake already? Yes, we can go through our day and be extremely busy and play many roles: parent, spouse, employee, sibling, volunteer, client, patient, etc. These roles may be what we embody on this plane. But is this fully who we are? No, not really. We come into this world as enlightened loving beings – overflowing joyfully in unconditional love – as that is where we came from. Once we arrived, we soon learned that the earth plane is a classroom where lessons are quickly presented; some very painful on many different levels. As we journey through life, doing our best to cope and survive life’s many challenges, somewhere along the line we may have forgotten who we really are. We may feel lost, lonely, overwhelmed, hopeless, or restless. We’re not sure what our true soul’s purpose is, who we’re meant to be – all we know is that we’re not happy, nor with what we’re doing, or where we are on life’s path is not resonating with joy. We don’t feel a true sense of purpose.

If this is how you feel, perhaps it's time to remember why you came here, what your path is and awaken to who you truly are.

How is this accomplished?

Spirit (the God of your understanding) works through me to reacquaint you to your true soul source. Emotional patterns, negative energies or erroneous mindsets may be released – anything that is blocking you from living the life that you deserve. In order to remember who you are, past lives may be visited or soul retrievals may be undertaken. Previous contracts, agreements, vows, karmic ties or emotional chords with others may have to be unhooked. No session is like the other and truly miraculous events may take place. As you “reconnect” with the pure source light, you will be brought to a place where life has meaning, joy and purposeful direction. 

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