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Will You Take This Message to Heart?

I have really given some deep thought as to whether I should write this post. My guide is urging me to pass this message on; however I’m concerned that not everyone will understand the context in which it is meant. It is to be uplifting! It is great news and time to celebrate ourselves! Awaken to how powerful we are!

During meditation last week, I was approached by a luminous being. I recognized him immediately and couldn’t understand why he would be surrounded by white light. While incarnated, he had had a devastating effect on the world’s populace and is one of the most despised figures in history. I didn’t want anything to do with him and asked him to leave. However my master guide suggested that I put my personal feelings aside and listen to what my visitor had to say. And so I did.

My visitor told me that he was an enlightened soul before he came to the earth to reincarnate into the person he was to become. He had volunteered to be a catalyst for the world to change. His very important mission was to encourage others to realize the importance of stepping into their power. He was to wake up the world population to come together as one; to realize that we are all beautiful illuminated souls and that every single one of us matters. That its through love and compassion for our fellow man that change will happen. It sounds like a beautiful journey; however it was through the means taken that it became a painful but powerful lesson..

And so he entered the earth plane to begin his work. As a politician, people in his country listened to him eagerly. He made promises and told them what they wanted to hear. He played his role very well. They all wanted jobs and their country to be great again. Times were tough and they gladly voted for him. He would make it all right. They made him their leader. And when he began to target certain groups of people based on ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation as not being part of his big plan, it was accepted by the majority. Shops were boycotted, books were burned, people were beaten, jailed or disappeared and yet, he wasn’t stopped. “Why wasn’t I stopped? It would have been so attainable then. Why did they give their power away so easily? This was the opportunity for the majority to show their compassion for their friends and neighbors.”

He invaded other countries. His message was that he was the head of a master race and that he knew best what the world needed. The leaders of some countries didn’t see the point of putting up much of a fight and let his armies enter their cities with little resistance. “It was too easy. They gave away their power. Why didn’t they really try to stop me?” He looked at me with sorrow. “I was supposed to wake them up. To have them value their freedom and love their fellow man. To make them realize that we all have to step into our power as we all have a say on how life on the planet should be lived. As citizens of the planet, we will all thrive through love and compassion. Why wouldn’t they insist on this?”

Then the mass euthanasia of certain peoples began. Thousands were shipped to death camps. Others turned a blind eye through fear or ignorance. By then the mass consciousness was saturated with terror and horror. His armies clashed with other armies in terrible battles. Millions died as the result of bombings, starvation, warfare, or death camps. “By then I was a raving lunatic incapable of a rational thought. I became intolerable to even those closest to me and the value of life had no meaning to me. I had been completely disconnected from my higher self for many years. By the time I was defeated and ended my life, the cost to the planet was unbelievably terrible.”

“When I passed over, it was obvious that I had failed miserably in my role as a catalyst for change. It wasn’t supposed to go that far. I was supposed to be stopped in the earlier stages when people awoke to their power. The mass consciousness always controls what happens. When its full of love and the belief that we can create a better world, then we do. When its full of fear of being powerless and that we have no control, then we allow undesirable things to happen. You can all be part of an incredible, beautiful change to the planet. Rise up, connect with your highest power and share the message with each other that as one we are the most powerful force on earth. Incredible change is coming: make it be one that you want to see. It is right there before you. Don’t be afraid. Go forth in joyful expectation. Gather together and make it happen.”

In saying this, he was both earnest and profoundly sad. In no way did he deny his role or his accountability for the terrible devastation that had occurred. As he left, his message resonated within me. If I looked past my revulsion of who he had been; I realized that what he had said rang true.

We are all responsible for our fellow man. We are the caretakers of the planet. We have the ability to show compassion and love to all. We are one. This is how we will create a better life for ourselves. By ensuring one for others. By realizing that we are connected. No one can stand alone. No one should ever be left to face terrible hardships when we can step in. It is our opportunity to share, love and grow as individuals and as a community. We are powerful. We have a voice. Will we take this message to heart?

Please take this post in the spirit that it is intended. I am not making a political statement. Rather it is a call to always stand in our incredible power, united as one, during both peaceful and turbulent times, forever voicing our truth to ensure justice and compassion for all. When we do this, we control the mass consciousness. Love and peace will permeate the earth and surround us all. So let’s take this message to heart. For ourselves, for the planet, for all. The opportunity is here. Let’s celebrate who we are and what we can accomplish.


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