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Registration closed. See you in 2024!

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Lightworker Weekend Retreat

September 15 - 17, 2023

Otter Lake, Seguin, Ontario


Are you a Lightworker who is feeling exhausted from the events of the past three years? Do you feel that you are one of the "Awakened"? Do you feel that your Spiritual abilities are "blocked"? Or conversely that groups that you attend are just not at your heightened ability level? Are you feeling isolated and are looking for an uplifting light-filled community that gets you? Have you experienced "Ascension" symptoms where no one around you understands what you are going through?

Come join Denise in Sacred Space for an uplifting and enlightening weekend by pristine lakefront and majestic forest. Develop your spiritual gifts. Connect with your soul sisterhood. Heal and replenish your spirit. 

Remember your Light  

Remember the special Enlightened Being that you came here to be. Experience a weekend full of delight, awakening, upliftment and healing. Every experience has been developed with the Ascending Lightworker in mind. 


Drum Journeys

Feel the beat of the shamanic drum journey deeply within as your spirit guides come in to heal,  restore, and advise. You are gently guided during this meditative flow.

Forest Trees

Rest and Reflection

Go within and breath in the fresh high resonance of the sacred land. Swim in the crystal clear water, walk the fragrant majestic treed land, or simply rest amidst the ancient quartz rocky terrain. Feel the healing call of Mother Earth. Venture off alone or with a new found friend.

Image by Cullan Smith

Fire Ceremony

Sit by the fire and feel the energy of change within. Connect to your divine spark of divinity to the "all there is" Feel yourself relaxing and becoming one with Spirit.

Image by Content Pixie

Spiritual Development

Build on the high energy of those gathered to safely explore your spiritual gifts - intuitive messaging and healing through fun group activities. Come away feeling amazed by how special you are - by what you are able to do and what you receive. Relax, there is no pressure to perform.

Image by Diego PH

Light Language

DNA Light codes are activated as this special channeled language from the Higher realms of Spirit assists you to develop into WHO you came here to be. Feel pleasant shifts of energy as you relax in a protected space.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Community Connection

Join fellow lightworkers as we gather together in sacred sisterhood. Connect, laugh, share, and feel supported. This is a protected space where you can be yourself and meet other like-minded souls. What happens in circle, stays in circle.

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How much?
What's included?
Where is it?
Where do I sleep?
How do I register?
Other stuff I'm wondering about...

Regular rate $444 - includes all activities and materials on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday, September 15-17th. Plus tea, water, and snacks throughout the duration of the retreat.

$377 Early Bird Rate - Pay by in full by June 30th and save 15% off the regular rate.

The retreat is at Denise's private property on Otter Lake at 58 Broken Trail, Seguin, Ontario, Canada P2A 2W8

(a short drive from exit 213, Hwy 400)

Accommodation is Extra for those who need it. Stay at the beautiful Grand Tappatoo Resort on Otter Lake, special room rate of $159 double occupancy, breakfast included. Attendees are responsible to manage their accommodation arrangements. This resort is a mere 20 minute drive away. Nearby Parry Sound has hotels as well. 


To register, e-transfer payment to


Contact Denise at to let her know that you have registered. Congratulations! You are in for a transformational and uplifting experience!

Some activities will be held in the wellness loft overlooking the lake while other activities will be outside. We will be comfortable no matter what the weather.

The intention is to make this a stress free and transformational experience as much as possible. If you need help with driving arrangements back and forth from the hotel or in finding accommodations, just let Denise know. She is here to assist! Contact her at


There is a potluck dinner on Saturday night. If you are unable to bring something due to travelling, don't stress. It's okay. There will be plenty to eat. It's more about community coming together to share, uplift, laugh and support.

You are welcome to bring your lunch both days if you feel that you will be hungry. There will be gluten free, vegan, and dairy free snacks, tea, and water made available all day for you to comfortably graze.

Once you register, an email will go out with everything you need to know regarding what to bring, when to meet, directions and so forth. Relax, the only surprises will be pleasant ones!


Denise Exler


Comments from last year's day retreat...


“What a wonderful retreat! I would definitely recommend it.“  

“I very much appreciated the group healing portion and the individual attention you gave each participant. It deeply resonated with me!”

"The connection, healing and messages we all gave and received were such a gift. Denise your healing was very deep...”

“Denise’s property is stunning. It is an absolutely exquisite expression of nature and the divine feminine in union to create a divine healing space to be shared.”

Contact Denise at

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