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The Energy Has Shifted and So Have We!

We find ourselves in a paradox as we move along the timeline towards the New World. Many of us are struggling as we shift from the old paradigm to the new. We are shifting out of familiar relationships, careers, and belief systems. A major purge is underway and it can be painful for us mentally, emotionally as well as physically. Traumas that we may have suppressed are coming to the surface. It may feel as if our world is imploding and in a way, it is. But here's the good thing...we are making way for a better world where we will be thriving, living in peace, and experiencing joy in our everyday lives. The concept of Freedom will be totally experienced and understood. And if this is so, why are we in so much angst? Because we must become clear vessels in order to transcend to the 5th dimension. We are shedding what is holding us back even though it may not seem so at this time. We are transitioning to more compassionate, kind and loving beings as we become more light-filled.

The Summer Solstice on June 21st followed by the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 3rd has ushered in incredible waves of transformational light upon the earth. Have you noticed a change in your relationships? Either by becoming closer by repairing the relationship or ending it because it conflicts with your internal resonance? Have you found yourself dropping away from the influence of "social media", "truthers" and/or traditional "authority". It is time to realize that the Great Awakening is an internal process, not necessarily the external light vs dark battle that is appearing around the world. We are awakening up to the power within us. From our ability to manifest what we need in our lives, to tapping into the energy of Universal Knowledge and deciding what is best for us. We are transgressing into times of great change. The illusion of needing an authority to instruct us on what to do is diminishing. More and more we are being able to trust our internal divine guidance system for answers and direction. The answers lie within you. They always have. Your Higher Self or the Godsource is the infinite wisdom that will always lovingly provide the answers. It is time to leave the ego/mind as the definitive expert in your affairs and turn to making more heart centred decisions. This will become easier and easier as we transverse the higher timeline.

Exciting times lie ahead of us! It is time to let go of the fear of the unknown and to embrace our faith that all will be well. Although we may feel frustrated, angry or despondent from time to time, recognize that this is part of the process also. As we cycle up to being in a higher vibratory state, managing our reactions and feelings will become easier. We will develop the ability to observe what is happening around us without absorbing the lower density energies, that are attempting (but failing) to suppress the incredible change that is happening. It is truly beautiful to see that many of us are realizing that we are truly empowered and are fully supported by our connection to God. Nothing can stop our Ascension. It is already in place. We just have to understand that we are catching up to our "light body" selves on the 5D timeline. And we are. Catching up. And it is truly inspiring to witness. May peace be with all of you, Beloved Souls. Time to rediscover our higher frequency selves. Let's go!


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