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Why Attend the Lightworker Retreat?

Why would I attend the Lightworker weekend retreat in September? What's in it for me? What do you mean by Lightworker? How is this different from other women's spiritual retreats?

These are very valid questions. And I would certainly want the answers before I committed. Lightworkers are those who have come to the earth plane in this incarnation to lift up humanity during the Great Awakening, to be of service, to usher in the New World. They could be healers, teachers, counselors - those with a loving heart from any walk of life. But along the way, some of us have faltered, became disillusioned and exhausted. Truly wondering what our path is. What are our my spiritual gifts? How do I develop them?

And some of us may feel isolated and alone. The last three years have worn us down mentally, emotionally and physically. We need our tribe. We crave to be amongst like-minded spiritual peeps. To be ourselves and to see ourselves reflected in others around us. We need our soul group - the love, support and higher frequency that nurtures our soul.

We may find other retreat or spiritual groups unsatisfying. The meditations too basic, the attendees uncentered and frivolous, the experience simply doesn't reach deep into our soul. We feel that we need something more expanded, more connected, more heightened.

And that is why I designed this Lightworker Retreat. This amazing weekend has been designed for those of us who are seeking rejuvenation. Who are looking to strengthen our connection to our divine support team. To develop our incredible spiritual gifts. To heal from past traumas and release blockages that are keeping us from our ascension path. It will be a safe and sacred space allowing us to come together with other like-minded souls. To once again remember WHO we are.

Come experience shamanic drum healing journeys, light language activations, fire ceremony, connecting to the sacred land and water, discovering community, spiritual development and more!

If you feel that your spirit is directing you to attend, that is not a misconception. It is a calling. Come join us. Come back to your tribe. Come heal and walk the path with us. We are waiting for you. It is time for the Lightworkers to unite.

The Lightworker Retreat is on September 15-17th, 2023 in Seguin, Ontario, near Parry Sound. Come experience beautiful pristine Otter Lake surrounded by old growth forest. For more information, go to RETREAT | Denise Exler | WLH (


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