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Our Pets Need Healing Too

Message for April 2023

As March comes to a close, it's clear that this has been a major time of cleansing for Lightworkers. We are purging old belief systems, deeply buried trauma, past life karma and everything else but the kitchen sink. Kidding aside, we are clearing on such a massive scale that most of us feel that we have been put through a mental and emotional wringer, not to mention the physical aches, pains, and disorientation. This is necessary as we begin to ascend to the 5D timeline. Our physical vessels must be as clear as possible and our bodies are instinctually allowing this to happen. However now as we become more light-filled. we will begin to experience more giddiness and moments of bliss. What used to trigger us into deep emotional reactions, we may now shrug off as inconsequential. Now what is interesting, is that we are not the only ones on planet Earth going through this cycle of shedding and renewal. The animals around us are experiencing this Ascension roller coaster to some degree as well. However our beloved pets are wise enough to hunker down and rest when their bodies need to integrate the incoming solar flare light code activations. They are far more spiritually evolved than their human friends and are actually urging us to flow with the energy. They know that that more Light is flooding the Earth than ever before and many of them have come forward to help us with the integration process. Some of my clients are dogs and cats, and I have found that they are much more open to receiving Healing Energy than than most people I know. They understand on a higher level what is important at this time. Love - both receiving and sharing with their human family. They know better than to listen to others about what is important - their BS meter is on high alert. And through our experience with them, we are able to heal in ways we never would have expected. However our beautiful four legged companions are residing in the physical with us and are vulnerable to what we are - food, water and environmental toxins, and perhaps induced pain and trauma from previous owners. I know what it means to have an ill fur baby. My beautiful kitty, Mew was diagnosed with big cell lymphoma (stomach cancer) in January 2020. The prognosis was grime - she had only a few weeks to live. It terrified me that I would lose her and I turned to natural remedies and energy healing to help her. Within 10 weeks, she was in full remission! The cancerous tumor was gone! Three years later, she is still going strong. If you are exhausting the traditional routes for bringing your beloved pet back into a state of wellness, it may be time to consider alternative healing modalities. Please reach out to me if you would like to explore this further. I do not charge for consultations. We can have a conversation on what I did for Mew.

Blessings, Denise


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