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How To Make a Prayer Stick

Prayer sticks are an extension of our heartfelt desire and prayers for change in our lives. If you have been praying and wish to magnify your intention to see your hopes, wishes and dreams fulfilled, then you may be interested in creating a prayer stick.

It Can Be Simple As We Want

Although the creation of prayer sticks have been rooted deep in aboriginal cultures for many eons, anyone can make their own individual prayer stick. We must have pure and sincere intentions to manifest change in our lives that will bring joy, beauty and harmony to all involved. We can create sticks for ourselves, our family, our community or the world. I recently made the one pictured for peace and harmony in 2017 to transpire in my life (as well as in the world). If making a prayer stick that involves others, we must be careful not to infringe on their rights. For example if concerned about a co-worker’s abusive or disruptive behavior, we don’t pray that he gets fired but pray that your workplace becomes a peaceful and harmonious place to work.

Making a prayer stick can be as detailed and complex as you want to make it. You can find many protocols from different teachers. My belief and guidance is that it is all based on a foundation of pure faith and belief in Spirit. There is no right or wrong as long as your intention is sincere and deeply heartfelt. The same principle that you would apply to prayer. The stick is the extension or amplifier of your prayers. It is your 24/7 antenna, conducting and sending your prayers out to the Great Creator.

The prayer stick is a tangible object on which to project your deepest wishes and desires. Let the wind carry your prayers throughout the land, earth and sky. Let them circulate throughout; through, above and below this existing plane we call Earth. Let them be a constant reminder of that which we wish to create in our lives. Let our prayers carry the intention of love for all.

Choosing Your Stick

You can find your stick basically anywhere that trees are free to grow such as a park, nature trail or your backyard. Heavily sprayed landscaped areas are not ideal places to look as the sticks may carry chemical toxins or are quickly removed by landscapers concerned with the “aesthetics” of the yard. Go to a place where you feel that the trees are allowed to express themselves and to live happily in peace.

As you walk along, look on the ground for your stick. I look for a stick about 12 to 14″ long but this is not a hard and fast rule. You want to find one that is hardy enough to decorate; not one that crumbles or easily breaks. You may be called to a certain area or to a type of tree where you may find your stick. I was walking along a trail I usually travel and I felt compelled to go into a circle of trees that I had never noticed before. It was there that I found my stick .

Don’t be discouraged if you pick up several sticks and they don’t “feel” right. Just simply thank each stick and place it gently back on the ground. You will know when you find your stick; either by a feeling or a knowing. Mentally ask its permission to come with you. Will it do you the honour of becoming your prayer stick? You will sense its answer.

Never cut the branch off a tree. There is no need; there are plenty of sticks laying about. The “living” branch is busy with its work as part of the tree and wants to complete it. Once its on the ground, its mission is complete. It is infused with the wisdom of the tree and now ready to become your prayer stick.

Thank the tree from where the stick came from. If you’re not sure, thank the area. Simply state your heartfelt appreciation for providing this beautiful prayer stick and leave a token of gratitude such as tobacco, fruit, nuts or some strands of your hair.

Wrap your prayer stick up when transporting home. Some choose a square of soft red material and keep it cocooned until taking it out later to decorate. Treat it as the cherished item that it is.

Preparing your Prayer Stick

Hold your stick in both hands and feel its sacred energy. Become familiar with it and infuse it with your desire to manifest your dreams, wishes and desires. Thank it once again for the special mission that it will be carrying out for you. Feel the divine wisdom and life essence of the tree from where it came from.

You may wish to smooth or sand its rough parts, (although this is not necessary); do what feels right to you. Think or meditate on how you would like to decorate your stick. You may simply wish to leave it in its natural state. Or you may choose to paint symbols or colours that have some significance to your prayers. You may decorate with ribbons, yarn, shells, beads, feathers or whatever calls to you. Remember that these decorations represent your intention and empower the stick to send your prayers.

For example, for my prayer stick, I wrapped the stick with yarn or chords in the four colours that represent to me the four directions and the four peoples: South (red), West (black), North (white) and East (yellow). As I performed the wrapping, I prayed that all the wishes and dreams that I wished to send for manifestation, in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realms, would be realized and that world harmony and peace would manifest for all. I attached six seagull feathers. Seagull divine energy represents to me, connection to and growth in Spirit while flowing easily throughout the physical, emotional and mental areas of our lives. Six feathers, as I wanted to represent my prayers in the the four directions, above and below. Your prayer stick can also be created for more personally specific prayers such as a family member, your career or spiritual growth.

Feathers represent your prayers being carried on the wind so its essential to attach feathers. You may want to consider the type of bird that the feather came from important as each bird can offer its own energetic medicine. For example, a pigeon feather may represent love and protection of home while a robin’s may indicate new growth.

Tie ribbons that represent your prayers on the end of the stick that will be pointing up to the sky. Before tying on each ribbon, sit and pray with it. Infuse it with what you are trying to manifest with deep and sincere thoughts. Don’t get hung up on what colour ribbon or yarn that you are using unless this has specific meaning to you; your intention is the key.

Planting Your Stick

We plant our prayer stick in Mother Earth to ground our prayers and to give a solid foundation. In the upright position, the stick is in the perfect position to transmit our prayers for Divine guidance and support. It is like a lightening rod for all that that you wish to create and manifest. You can always add more prayers as time goes on. Tie additional ribbons on for each prayer that you wish to add.

Give thanks for your prayers being received. Ask the winds to carry your wishes to where they will be received and acted upon. Leave your prayer stick planted in the ground for at least 24 hours. Some believe that when the sun’s first rays hit the stick, that the prayers are released and carried to heaven. If its not convenient to plant outside, then place the stick in soil or sand in a pot.

Be in the Moment

Remember that this is all about prayerful intention, your strong faith and belief in Spirit. You cannot fail at this. Decorate it as you feel moved to; as little or as more as you feel inclined. Attach your deepest prayers through ribbons and tie them on one by one. You may find this meditative and comforting while you do so. Don’t get hung up on protocol as there is no right or wrong. Do what you feel guided to do. Plant your prayer stick with total gratitude. Then let the magic begin!


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