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An Urgent Plea

Another meditation journey teaching. I experienced this one last Friday and it has changed my morning prayer forever. My native spirit guide and mentor has given me permission to share.

We are alone in a park like setting, my guide and I when another being approaches. She is dressed in a long white flowing dress not unlike a bridal gown. It is beautiful, covered with embroidered lace but that is not what draws my attention. The woman wearing it does not suit the beauty of the dress as she is wearing garish makeup and her hair sticks out like straw and is frizzy, reminding me of a character in a Tim Burton movie. She gestures to us to follow as she starts to ascend a long staircase reaching up into the sky, thousands and thousands of steps. I follow and am glad that I am not in my physical body. There was no way that I could have kept up. After what seems forever but really was mostly a minute or two we reach the top of the staircase and enter into a room with a bed.

She sits on it with a heavy sigh. Who are you, I wonder and she looks at me. “I’m Mother Earth.”

You’re Mother Earth.” I was skeptical. “Why do you wear so much makeup?” I could tell that she didn’t really need to – underneath it all I could tell that she was beautiful.

“I used to hide my beauty because it was too over whelming for people to look at. Now I hide my appearance. My beauty is fading – I am ill.”

Her makeup faded away and this lovely woman before me did appear in very poor health. She was covered in a red mottled rash, hives appeared in other areas or her skin was starting to flake completely off. I looked into her eyes and the pupils were a mixture of green and blue, small replicas of the planet earth as seen from space. They locked into mine and I knew that she told the truth.

“I have bad house guests, you see. Guests that have come to live with me that don’t respect the world that I have created. They leave tons of garbage and don’t pick up after themselves, they foul my air with pollutants, they rearrange my landscapes to suit their tastes or simply take what they want without a second thought.”

“My beautiful animals and birds are suffering. My water is poisoned. Even in my garden of plenty, they want to alter my plants. What I have provided isn’t good enough anymore. They want to take over my home. Full control. I won’t stand for it anymore. I’ve had it. Since they aren’t going anywhere or not willing to change their ways, I’m really considering to leave.”

I was shocked. “But how can you leave? You’re Mother Earth. You can’t leave the planet, you are the planet!”

She looked me in my eyes once again, and then laid back on the bed. Carefully she spoke as if talking to a simple child. “I’m not the actual planet, I’m its life force. And yes, I can leave. Parts of the world are dying and I’m not waiting around until I have nothing left. It has become so difficult to breathe. When I become disheartened and cry, there are terrible storms. When I’m thirsty and overheated, great droughts happen. And yet, nothing is done to help me.

“There are other worlds I can go to, you know. New planets are being created all the time across many, many galaxies. It could be fun. Just think of what I could create. New majestic mountain ranges, new species of plants and animals, new crystal clear bodies of water, beautiful open skies. My animals will be safe, my plants will be respected. They will be left alone to prosper. Not tinkered with for gain. Money is useless to Mother Earth. It buys nothing but a man’s power. For he believes that he is powerless without it. But actually the opposite is true. But enough about that. I just want to find loving beings that would worship me once again and respect my work as a piece of art. Treasure what they have. Love it as I do.”

“But you can’t leave”, I protested. What will happen to the planet?”

“It will die when I leave. Nothing can survive without its life force. Nothing.” Mother Earth laid back feebly on the bed and closed her eyes.

“But what can I do?” I felt helpless. I recycle. I use natural products. I share with others about the importance of eating organic, using essential oils and other natural remedies. I sign petitions. What else could I do?

She reached out and grabbed hold of my arm and sat up, looking into my eyes. “But do you pray for me? Actually pray for me? You tell others that prayer is the most powerful force of change in the world. But how often do you actually full out pray for me? Oh sure, the ceremonies. You honour me, you get in the moment and then you go home.”

I stepped back troubled and thought hard about this. She was right. It had been all about me. Yes, I attended meditations and when conducting my own ceremonies reminded people to honour Mother Earth, but it was more of a show in the moment. I had talked to others about the terrible state of the planet. But this was here and there. To be honest, most of my everyday prayers were about changing things in my life, manifesting what I wanted. I also said prayers for others who were in dire straits and ill. But Mother Earth? No I thought sadly, I didn’t pray everyday for change to the physical world.

I put my hand on the hand holding my arm and whispered gently but firmly. “I make a vow that I will pray for you everyday. I will pray for clear air and pristine water. I will pray for a pure food supply and clean, fertile soil. I will pray that the sun is healing for you. I respect and love you and will urge everyone gathered before me to do the same. Yes, I will pray for you.”

I realized that she was really depending on this. She smiled at me and a saw a glimpse of her pure beauty. “Yes. Thank you. Please tell others to pray for me. Its so powerful. More than many of you realize. I hear all your prayers, every single one and it gives me the strength and power to go on. The time for change is now. You can make a real difference to the world, to Mother Earth.”

It was time to go. I thanked Mother Earth for her true incite and wisdom, for this incredible lesson.

Will you heed her urgent plea? Will you pray for Mother Earth?


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