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How are you riding your Spiritual Unicycle?

In meditating this week, I asked my Master Guide what guidance does Spirit offer to us when following our life’s path. I was told to think of oneself as riding a spiritual unicycle when following our sacred journey. A unicycle? That’s right.

It was explained to me that riding a unicycle is all about balance and focus. If we lean too far forward, we risk tumbling off the unicycle. This is what we theoretically do when we live more in the future than in the present – when our thoughts and dreams live extensively in the future. All we can think about is what is to come, not the here and now. Our unicycle is overextended too far out front and we find it too difficult to change direction as we are now off center and can’t see what other paths are open to us. Its as if we have already passed these opportunities by. If we pin our happiness on future events, such as a job promotion, a vacation, a new relationship or home, we lose focus on what actually matters now. How can we value what we have in our lives now if we always think that something better is coming? That we are not complete. Are you anxious about what your future holds? Are you scared about events that may or may not happen? When we live in a bubble of fear, our unicycle cannot remain upright but tips precariously forward.

If we reside too much in the past, on wrongs done to us or on memories we hold dear, then we are trying to travel on our unicycle while leaning too far backwards. There is an increased risk of falling off and coming to a complete halt. There is little or no progress being made on our sacred life purpose. We also can’t control where we are going when we continually revisit the past. The path ahead is not in focus and its too easy to ride completely off into areas that don’t serve us, which can result in mental or emotional anguish and anxiety. Are you stuck in the past, grieving what is no longer? Or are you angry about past “injustices”? Forgiveness helps us to sit upright once again. This is the act of deciding to no longer live in pain caused by the actions of another. We don’t condone what the other person has done nor do we stop acknowledging what transpired. We simply make the decision to mount our unicycle and ride forward on our life’s path; choosing to release the torment and agony created and leaving it behind.

When we sit upright on our unicycle, conscious of the effort of every pedal forward, seeing clearly ahead, we can easily ride around obstacles in the road. We are in a firm position upon the unicycle; life’s little bumps don’t unseat us. It doesn’t matter the rate of speed at which we travel, its easy to maintain our balance. We can pedal slowly and thoughtfully, taking time to savor the beauty around us, to find the joy in every moment. Things that we hadn’t noticed before become apparent when we are in a position to pay full attention. Are our relationships with others healthy and/or need tending to? New opportunities to experience everyday miracles materialize and expand. If we wish we can easily travel faster upon our path, accelerating our rate of pedaling on our spiritual unicycle. If we are sitting upright, everything becomes more clear and decisions are easier to make. In the upright riding position we are able to connect more fully with pure source light, our true spiritual guidance. The connection is made easily and we can adjust the seat to extend higher and higher to strengthen our connection, to raise our frequency. Prayer and meditation flow more easily and our reception to guidance becomes more streamlined and proficient.

So how are you traveling on your unicycle? Are you focusing on the road ahead, your sacred life’s path, while maintaining total balance in the here and now? If not, ask yourself how you are sitting upon the unicycle seat. Are you living too far into the future or leaning back too far towards the past. For clarification on how balanced you are riding, try meditating and picture yourself on your spiritual unicycle. Your higher self will show you. It always knows the answer.


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