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Does Distance Healing Work?

Last week while dealing with a cold, I traveled back and forth to another country in order to take a course, and also worked with clients as well. It’s no understatement that I was feeling wiped by the end of the week and needed an energetic boost. I texted a friend and fellow energy worker to help me. Although she lives thousands of miles away, I was feeling energetic, clear and centered within minutes of connecting. Feeling elated, I thought to myself, “How cool is this? No matter where we are, we have the ability to connect and help each other.”

Before I get into the merits of distance spiritual healing, I think that its important to note that every healer needs a healer. I am getting more adept at strengthening my own body and boosting my immune system but sometimes we just need outside assistance and should have no qualms about accepting it. We are more effective at helping others when we feel strong and vital. Self care is a must for anyone involved in this field.

Most people prefer to be with me physically “in person” during a spiritual healing session as they believe that it may be more effective. But with the technological advances of Skype, What’s App, Facebook Messenger and so on, a one on one distance session can be just as valid in achieving very powerful results. Actually even a simple phone connection is just as effective.

Spirit can tap into your energy field whether you are within two feet or two thousand miles away. Energy is energy and the universal pure source light of God knows no boundaries or limits in reaching you. The same principles are at work no matter where you are. Your Spirit Helpers are those who come forward from the pure source light to help you. (They can be your spirit guides, angels, power animals, healers and/or teachers but are not limited to those mentioned.) It makes no difference to them where you happen to be or where I am as they can be instantaneously anywhere and everywhere. I am the conduit of what transpires, the “hollow bone” through which the spiritual healing takes place.

What is most important is your heartfelt intention for change in your life. Your acknowledgement that the shifting of energies on all levels is necessary, is instrumental to remove hindrances, hesitations, erroneous beliefs and patterns, and all else that is blocking you from enjoying the life of your dreams. A life full of miracles where we enjoy abundant opportunities for great relationships, careers and health is possible. It doesn’t matter where we are geographically but where we are in our thoughts and desires for Spirit to help us.

We can even help others without their knowing through distance work. This is only invasive if it is done through intentions other than that of pure love. Think of the concept of praying for someone. We may pray to keep a loved one safe from harm or for their recovery from an illness. Do you consider this invasive? We don’t ask their permission to pray for them; we just do it instinctively out of love. We are asking God to intervene and help them. The same principle applies to sending pure source light to others. We do it out of love for a higher outcome. And that is the only reason. It is not out of a need to control or manipulate. It does not work like that. Your Spirit Helpers do not come forth at someone else’s beckoning through unsound personal motives but only respond to a sincere request for help through love.

My deep belief and experience is that distance Spiritually guided energy work is very effective. Our spirit helpers are eager to help us. It has no bearing on where you and I may be; the pure source light reaches out to us everywhere.


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