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Do Positive Affirmations Heal?

There is a huge belief in the spiritual community and becoming more mainstream now that we can change our lives, our circumstances and our health by just changing our thought patterns. I do believe that the more positive outlook that we have, the more positive relationships and situations that will come into our lives. But from my experience, I don’t believe that this is enough. The Law of Attraction perhaps should be relabeled as “The Law of Action”.

I can tell myself over and over again that I’m going to win the Oscar next year for best actress. But if I’m not an actress, never near a movie set, and I’m not cast in a movie, we all can agree that it’s not going to happen no matter how often I repeat that I’m an academy award winning actress over and over to myself. In order to manifest the things we want to happen in our lives, we must take action.

In order to win at the Oscars, I would have to take the steps to get there. Positive thinking and affirmations can attract the people and opportunities into my life that can result in an acting job, acting lessons, being in the right place at the right time to land that important role. But the key is that I have to do the work. I have to take the action to attract what I want to manifest. It’s up to me to investigate acting jobs, take acting lessons and let the world know that I’m looking for opportunities.

We can say the same for our health. If I want to heal a dis-ease in my physical body, saying positive affirmations is not enough. Our mind, body and soul must believe whole heartedly that we are doing all that we can to regain our health or the affirmations will not work. We must not feel any doubt over what we want to manifest. The necessary work must be done. Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life who overcame her cervical cancer and is the queen of positive affirmations also took other steps. She changed her diet and undertook alternative therapies.

If faced with a chronic health issue, by all means say your positive affirmation. It will align you with your soul’s purpose of getting better. The universe will send opportunities your way. But it’s your job to open the door to receive those opportunities by taking the steps and doing the work. When it comes to your health, do lots of research about your condition. Become as knowledgeable as possible about how important a role a change of diet, alternative therapies, mainstream medicine, and spirituality may play in your recovery. Never accept the verdict of there’s no more that can be done. Always question and never accept at face value. Don’t give your power away. Be your own advocate. Educate yourself fully on all options available to you. There is always more. The universe is overflowing with possibilities and you have to be open to receive.

Positive thoughts can certainly shape our lives for the better. And every day I consciously watch what I say to others and what track my mind follows. But our egos are very powerful things. We can tape positive affirmations to our bathroom mirrors and repeat them everyday to ourselves. And we can force our minds to obey that it believes the affirmation is true. This takes a lot of energy and can be very draining if it doesn’t ring true. But in the end, if we deep down do not believe the positive affirmation because we are not truly acting upon our heartfelt desires, things may not transpire the way we want in our lives. Take your action steps today to align with what you desire. Affirmations for good health, successful businesses and loving relationships will be more effective if our mind, body and soul resonates fully with the action we take to accomplish our goals.


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